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Hi! I’m Mark Frauenfelder. I’m a writer, illustrator, and researcher. I co-founded Boing Boing and was the editor-in-chief of Make magazine and I’m the author of nine books exploring internet culture, technology history, and practical web tips. Currently, I’m a Research Director at Institute for the Future, the editor of Cool Tools Lab (which produces the Recomendo newsletter), and the author of The Magnet newsletter,

The purpose of Book Freak is to surface wisdom from great books and thinkers to help you improve yourself, boost productivity, build the life you want, and generally live better. In each concise issue, I try to hone in on the most impactful ideas from books, curating the concepts that can truly make a positive difference when applied.

Since launching, Book Freak has published over 150 issues covering books and topics core to personal growth and self-mastery. Book Freak is free, but it is not cheap. I rely on paid subscribers to keep it going. If you like it, please consider subscribing and joining readers who share a passion for learning, optimizing their habits and routines, and achieving their full potential.

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Short pieces of advice from books


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